For most big mountain skiers, powder, mountains and big lines occupy the entirety of their daylight hours and even dreams. Hadley Hammer does not fit this stereotype. Though she crushes the big lines with the best of them as demonstrated with her competition record on the Freeride World Tour, Hadley also happens to be a sommelier, gourmet chef, book nerd, showcase Mountain Athlete and climber to name just a fraction of her side hobbies. Growing up in Jackson, WY, Hadley was brought up in the mountains, spending all her time chasing her brothers around the Tetons. As college approached, Hadley recognized the benefits of a formal career outside of her mountain life though and and headed east for a B.A in Hospitality and Economics. After a few years working in the urban hotel world, she recognized a key component missing and headed back to her mountain base to achieve a greater balance between career and lifestyle. Cultivated by rock climbing and skiing before she could even walk, balance is the name of her game and now manifests itself in her big mountain skiing pursuits and complimentary lifestyle.

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