Suffer Fest

For the first time ever, my body went into complete failure last week. I was past the Michael Jackson shakes you get climbing, past the I’m so sore I can’t stand up without assistance…I literally couldn’t move. As I write this my roommate and I are giggling over mental images of me hurling in the bathroom of Mountain Athlete. Turns out surviving all day on coffee and 1/2 a cup of water and then doing sled pushes (one of the cruelest forms of punishment we go through at the gym) is a recipe for complete muscle and other bodily function failure. One of the small ironies was that just before the work out I listened to Floyd Mayweather’s Success. How Bad Do You Want It?. Feel free to make fun of me, but after working all day I usually need some form of motivator to get me excited about the gym. After the 8th round  of sled pushes when I could feel my quads seizing and my head spinning all I could think about was one particular line from his speech-“I got a question for you.” He told the guy, he said: “When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe than you will be successful.”. And there lied the irony…I couldn’t breathe, but I wanted to finish the work out. The pain eventually subsided and within the hour I was back home laughing with my roommates, the episode quickly became an entertaining memory. Three days I later I completed the same work out with [relative] ease.

Strength training has had an incredible and very much measurable impact on my life. Upon deciding that I would like to give competitive skiing a serious shot, I wanted to do everything possible to well, succeed. So four to five times a week I joined an incredible group of elite athletes (including Jess McMillan, Matt Annetts, Griffin Post, Crystal Wright, Brenton Reagan, Rob Hess, Mattie Sheafor, Eric Seymour, etc) at a gym created by Rob Shaul based in Jackson, Wyoming. The workouts are tough, but there is something almost addicting about the training. More than anything it has given me a great amount of confidence in my skiing. Those moments where my leg is somehow above my head, I am now able to pull it back in and continue skiing. Standing at the start gate of competition I know I’ve done everything I can to be prepared.  I was even able to recover from a broken back quickly and with more appreciation for simple body movements.

The effects of Mountain Athlete have been endless.


The amazing Karissa Tuthill and Monica Purington crushing it at Mtn Athlete. Photo “borrowed” from Monica Purington

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2 thoughts on “Suffer Fest

  1. Brenton shared this and I understand why! I am inspired everyday by the strong and gifted athletes of Jackson! I have been lucky enough to be trained by a few and friends with many more! You totally rock on all levels! Pushing yourself to the edge, feeling alive, this is living! I will be cross training with Crystal, climbing with Bill, Brenton, and Jess Baker. I look forward to checking out this gym!

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